Service , Support & Training:
EAA offers variety of services for its valued customers in order to satisfy their needs. As a team, we will assure technical and legal compliance of your purchased products. EAA engineers offer a wide range of full-compliant test capabilities to achieve product qualification that are traceable and recognized.
All of our products enjoy the company’s warranty and guaranty policy according to the contract terms and conditions.
After-Sales Services:
With more than 40 years of design and production of Electronic Measuring Equipment, the rate of malfunction in our energy meters are extremely low. Our products are developed with the best quality components and parts so that there is hardly ever any malfunction. For any support or training on a specific product or application, our professional and skilled technicians are ready to help you with the purchased products.
As a value-added after-sales service, our highly experienced and friendly staff is ready to provide complimentary customer training in meter’s installation and software operations.