The second specialized exhibition

1 January 1970
2nd specialized exhibition of knowledge-based companies of lran, subject matter of all-out state-of-the-art high technologies, under the sponsorship of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of lran is slated to be held on 11-14th of October 2018 (
The venue of exhibition is in permanent place of specialized exhibitions of Tehran Municipality (Boostan Goftogoo). Ministry of Communication and information technology, Ministry of Health care and Medical Treatment, Ministry of industry, Mine and Trade, Ministry of Energy, and some other organization are the main sponsors of this exhibition.
Companies actively participating in this exhibition are honored to represent their state-of-the-art Products and Services in the field of Electricity, Electronic, Communications and Telecommunications, information Technology, internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Medical equipment, Control Automation and instrumentation, Robotics, Smart City and Smart Transportation, Agriculture Fisheries Horticulture Animal Husbandry and Food industry, Oil Gas and Petrochemicals, Laboratory equipment, Manufacturing and Production Equipment, Advanced Materials, Advanced pharmaceutic and Drug industry, Cultural Technology, Bio Technology, Herbal Drugs, Aviation industry and Naval industry
All internal costs of visiting guests (from airport to airport) will be covered by the organizers